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*yawn* morning

Strange dreams again.

It started with Luns and I trying to sneak out of my fourth story apartment, only it was a hell of a lot easier to do so, and my roommate and her friends were being weird as we'd suddely gained a terrace. From there, things shifted to a family get together where I (for once) voiced my philosophical problems with the Christian religion, and had my uncle rebuke me. This is an uncle from my mother's side, the non-fundy side of the family. So I ran away crying, and he later caught up with me. I explained the horror of trying to explain my very not-christian boyfriend to the fundies, and that I'd never felt that way around him, but I wasn't sure if that was okay anymore. So he invited me out on his ministry. We went to this one church (and somehow, I'm now in a Disney character costume, don't ask me to explain) and he held up the ticket takers with a bottle of holy water. He was apperantly trying to get people to disavow belief in their God for his. They sold a lot of candy at the church too. And as he's doing this, I see my dead grandfather slide through the crowd and into the ticketed patrons only, and I followed. We came into this big, well lit gym, that didn't seem like it had anybody in it. I pulled a flap of my costume over one eye, made a telescope with my hand, and held it up to the other eye, to which I found the demon made of chocolate...and we fought. And then I woke up.

gah, i have screwy dreams.

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