May 6th, 2001



I should be sleeping. :P it's almost 4:30 AM, and I have things I need to do tomorrow. But I can't sleep. Too much on my mind to worry about. Headaches that won't go away no matter what I do to make them go away. People who find that they must defend even the most despicable and vile of human beings. And, of course, musing over the nature of words.

Yes, words. As a tool for communication, they're pretty handy. But the way some people can manuver them to make them say things they were never meant to say -- that is a skill that I am in awe of, even when I'm faced with them being twisted back in my face. One of my long standing goals has been to be a professional author, and manipulating words is sorta a requirement of the job, y'know. But there's this one He's managed to change the terms of the debate so that something he did to hurt me is now something I did to hurt him.

And that makes me angry and frustrated. How do you counter the words of a master manipulator? How do you make it clear that you didn't do anything? How do you make him hear what he obviously doesn't want to hear?

My friend ameth wrote about a similiar thing in her last journal entry, and I suspect (although we haven't compared notes to be sure) that one of the four people she's ranting about is the same as the one I am.

With this crap, it's no wonder I feel a bit cynical. I think I'll try to sleep now.
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Yay! Crappy picture!

Yes. That's me in the picture, if you squint really hard. It's not the worst picture in the world, no, but it is kinda crappy. I need to get a better one, short of scanning my face. Didn't put one up originally 'cause I didn't know how this would work out, but my friends have drug me back into it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. Tune in later for more random kat babbling.
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fsck! fsck! fsck!

if you've been following the ongoing saga of my friends journals, you'll see them sending good thoughts my way. And here's why. My mom's sick. Weird things are happening to her, and the docs at the emergency room think it's because of one of her medications. But in the meantime, she gets to deal with the fact she literally is bruising for no reason whatsoever. And the hospital, instead of admitting her and being somewhere she could be taken care of (because, besides the bruising, she's at high risk to internal bleeding at the moment), they sent her home with the instructions NOT to be physically active, and to come back in if she suspects internal bleeding. And of course, they forgot to tell her what the signs of internal bleeding are.

Come to find out, there's been a rush on pneumonia cases in the hospitals here in boringtown, and thus the hospitals are full up. So a case that's clearly dangerous but not life threatening is sent home to rest up. And the rest of the family is trying to go on like they normally would,'s hard. And it's stupid. I know, I know, pneumonia's dangerous too. But there's a part of me that wonders just how sick you gotta be to get in the hospital these days.

stupid allergy season.

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o/~ people voting Republican, give 'em a boot to the head! o/~

My friends know I'm rather liberal on my beliefs. Call it a good dose of four years of Berkeley, where I learned just how conservative and insular Boringtown is. My parents were always moderate Democrats in a HIGHLY Republican area, and in fifth grade, when we all cast ballots for president, I was the only person in my class who voted for Michael Dukakis. With the exception of about a year around the election of '94, I've been flamingly liberal most of my life. I mean, I'm even considering becoming a card carrying member of the ACLU.

In the last presidential election, I, along with a majority of Americans who voted, cast my ballot for Al Gore. And we know how well that worked out.

Anyway, given that we're stuck with W for the next few years (unless somebody assassinates him and in the excitement Cheney keels over...), I figured I'd start to learn about him. And I did that by picking up a really interesting book on Texas politics and W's political career. It's called Shrub:The Short and Happy Political Career of George W. Bush by Molly Ivins. it's a humerous look at Texas politics and our man Shrub. Indeed, it was this reporter who tagged Bush with that nickname. It's a neat book. If you wanna read about our dear President, check it out.

And if you want a laugh at W's sake, check out "That's My Bush!", a show on comedy central by the creators of South Park. They really play up the W is stupid angle, and it's funny as hell. For example, they've already had George accidentally blow up Austria with the SDI system when he was installing illicit cable, and had George (again!) busting out Jack Kevorkian to help with the euthanasia of George's cat. It's funny as hell, especially with Karl Rove being played like the tightass he is.

Until we can re-elect Gore/Lieberman in 2k4, we can at least laugh at Shrub. Helps keep the mind off all the things he HAS done.
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we are dominate!

News has just come in. Cal has managed to win its 11th rugby championship in a row, and its 18th since collegiate national championship rugby titles have been granted (dating to 1980). They DOMINATED Penn State by a whopping score of 86-11.

The song to pick for this is not "We are the Champions" but rather a lesser known song called "Ode to Stanfurd Rugby." If you're not familiar with Bay Area sports, you wouldn't know that Cal and Stanfurd are bitter rivals. And it's hard to be on the Cal side, because Stanfurd as of late has just been so much better than we are in most sports. But no matter what, we never quit trying to beat them, and we could always look forward to a hard-fought rugby match, one of the few sports where we had a slight advantage on Stanfurd.

Until this year.

You see...Stanfurd's coach wrote our coach a nice little letter, in which he said basically that they would be cancelling their game against Cal this year. Why? Well, it turns out that they didn't think they had a chance in hell of winning the game, and they didn't want to risk getting hurt. Besides, Cal was so much better than them.

Immediate laughter ensues from the East side of the Bay, where Berkeley is. Great joke, Stanfurd. You had us going there for a sec...what, you mean you're SERIOUS? More laughter. Stanfurd slinks away in embarrasment, but still refuses to play the game.

It's a nice break to be a Cal fan. For all the years we've attempted to match up to Furd and didn't quite make it? So what. They won. At least we showed up to play. And from now on, there will be no pride in Stanfurd victories over Cal, because all a Cal fan has to say is simply, "We showed up and played. Which is more than we can say for you guys."

There are some days when it's great to be a Cal Bear.
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