May 7th, 2001


day is done....

sun has left
run away to another part of the world
there is just me,
and there is darkness
in the darkness there is life
and in life there is contemplation
and in contemplation there is truth.
Truth from the darkness, truth from the light
different truth, but no less true.
fight for right, fight for truth
but always stay true to you...

No matter what, I'm a survivor. I've proved that by sticking out four grueling at time years at Berkeley. And I've come out of it a relatively decent person. At least, that's what I think. I don't know if I am, and there are a few people who would tell you that I'm the most evil person on the planet...but...

I try to stay true to my friends, I try to let them know that NO MATTER WHAT, I'll be there for them. For the most part I've succeeded, I think. But then again, you never know. There is always a time I feel like I've sold out, that I've given into the evils of the world...I'm not popular, I don't think I'll ever be. But, as Five Iron Frenzy sings in the song below, o/~ being popular is lame. o/~

I don't think I've sold out yet. But then again, who would I be to know? ;)
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bored in networking class...

my sinus problems of the last few weeks have spread to my chest. Yick. And this stupid web client makes me very happy I use loserjabber to do most of my updating (yay happy fun go linux!). And i'm not taking a test today, due to the events of the last few I'm bored.

I'm listening to a friend rant in my msgs window, and I feel real stupid that I can't help him out. And I can't really go into detail either, except that it's not a lot of fun to be in such a powerless situation, both for him and for me. And I see a lot of parallels between his situation and the one I've been living in all its gory detail the past few weeks.

*sigh* sometimes it's difficult for people to point out hurtful things, no matter how true they are.

i think i'll put this up now.
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