May 8th, 2001


hard things...

Whee. Maybe after this email gets sent, somebody will realize this whole thing was over a hell of a long time ago. But I doubt it. He's enough of a self-centered twit and a manipulator. This prolly isn't gonna be over until I just quit replying. And then he's won again. Gah, this sucks. No win situation.

But it's still a hard thing to do. And the unfortunate thing is that hard things usually happen to those who are genuinely good of heart. Because at that point there's a definite distinction between two equally bad choices. No matter what they do, there is no path of least resistance. It's a dilemma I've tried to build into my characters when I'm writing. When faced with two equally bad choices, what do they do? You learn more about a person's character than way than most other ways I can think of.

The thing is, for a manipulator and for selfish people, it's never a choice between two equally bad choices. There's always one choice that's easier on you, and fsck the other person.

*sigh* rantrantrant. That's all I use this thing for.
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aw fsck it.

I'm gonna sleep now. Should have slept hours ago.

Too much crap, so many people to worry about.

And this congestion in my chest isn't helping. Ugh. My sinuses finally gave up the ghost, and dumped all the junk it's been harboring all month. All that infected crap. Straight down the back of my throat and into my chest. There are times when I feel like I'm gonna die, like I'm not getting enough air. but it's because there's all this ickystuff right where my lungs join. congestion sucks.

SLeep is prolly good.

Wow. This was an informative and entertaining post.

see you all in the morning.
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Bad, bad, BAD news.

Mom's doc wants mom to go see an oncologist. RIGHT NOW.

She might be admitted to the hospital.

I'll keep you posted.
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read this if you can

yvzr terra wryyb vf pbby. Uv Pny, uv nev, uv Funq, uv nyy bs lbh bhg gurer va yw ynaq..

pbqrf ner zber sha guna n sbervta ynathntr ng gvzrf.

Circumventing this encryption is illegal under the terms of the DMCA.

more later.
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