May 10th, 2001


slow day lj wise...

the day started off icky, got better, then dropped back to mediocre and then bad.

Maybe I need to take a long, long, long leave of absence from life in general. :P

not sure about much of anything anymore, to be honest.
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Got the news I was waiting for about Mom. And it's pretty bad. It's not official and won't be until the results from the latest test come back...but unofficially, the doc that did the test had a lot of experience with what he thinks it is...and that's bad.

Neko Neko wrote a profound statement in one of her LiveJournals a while back, about there being some words that strike fear in the heart of the bravest people. And the word she mentioned in this context is the same one I'm dealing with.

She's prolly gonna be in the hospital after tomorrow. :P

*sigh* this hasn't been my year.
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