May 11th, 2001


Schedule planning. WHee.

Well, I'm stuck in Redding another year, so I'm trying to get my college schedule all planned out. I think I've finally got it, 18 units of pushing it. In no random order, here's what it looks like I'll be taking.

Assember -- it sounds like fun, and the teacher is pretty cool, I have him currently for my Cisco networking classes.

Understanding Human Behavior -- I had the teacher for Psych 1A, and she was really cool. Besides, maybe I can figure out everybody's behaviour on IRC. ;)

The first three classes in the MCSE series -- Those who know me know I only have Windows on my computer for the game, and that I'm a die hard Linux junkie. So why MCSE? Well, some of it that if I ever walk into a Microsoft shop to system administrate, I know what I'm doing, and well, this exchange has always wandered through my head.
"Microsoft SUCKS!"
"And who are you to say this?"
"I'm an MCSE."

California Geography -- Something interesting, besides it's being taught in Anderson, and I learned the hard way this semester that night classes at the college (with 20 min drive home at 10 PM) really suck. And Mom says if she feels well enough come fall, she might be up to taking it with me.

Multivariable Calculus -- I have a history degree. I'm masochistic. Besides, I took Diff Eq this semester, might as well take this one and get the lower div calc sequence done.

Powerpoint and Excel -- A couple of Berkeley's crazy need to know requirements for their MIS program.

So many cool classes, so many schedule conflicts. :)

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things that suck...

Suddenly coming down with allergies this year for the first time ever...

AND having crooked sinusii

WHICH MEANS I'm really prone to sinus infections

WHICH causes a sinus infection the antibiotics can't/won't kill

WHICH wouldn't be a problem

EXCEPT mom is sick

AND mom has very low white blood cell count

AND white blood cells fight off infection

WHICH MEANS that if Mom goes in the hospital, I may not be allowed to visit her.

God, I hate my life. I understand why, but it's hard on the frustration.

I think I'll go cry myself to sleep again.
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good things

I retook an exam and took another one I've missed in all this chaos, and got respectively an 88 and a 91. Good things happen to those that remember that the WAN hierarchy is the acronym of a bad law and not a design program. (Core, Distribution, Access).

Whee, now off to math class, and to register and do other fun things.
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more wai?

Math class...kinda got cancelled. Or at least the teacher skipped. Whether this is a good thing or not is still kinda up in the air. Melissa's a bit upset 'cause she doesn't understand her homework. I haven't done my homework yet. Melissa feels abandoned and neglected by her math teacher (who is my math teacher too, for those of you keeping score at home.)

If this was a soap opera, we'd have sudden music, and these questions appear on the screen:

Will Melissa ever be able to forgive her math teacher?
Will Kat ever do her homework?
Will Melissa and Kat pass math class, or will the test (next Tuesday or Wednesday) eat us both alive!

Tune in next Monday for the answers to these and other important questions!

Using the SWAG technique we learned in math class...we predict that our math teacher WILL show up to math class on Monday. %)

(BTW, Melissa is in my math group. The only other person in my math group.)
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