May 15th, 2001


more wai redux...

Melissa reminded me I never did answer those soap opera questions. So with no further ado:

If this was a soap opera, we'd have sudden music, and these questions appear on the screen:

Will Melissa ever be able to forgive her math teacher?
Will Kat ever do her homework?
Will Melissa and Kat pass math class, or will the test (next Tuesday or Wednesday) eat us both alive!


the math teacher did show up monday, and he brought cool little cars for us to play with. I'm not sure if Mellissa forgave the math teacher, but she is appeased for the time being. Kat still hasn't done her homework. The test is tomorrow. Whee. I think I'll do fine on this one though. And SWAG stands for "Sophisticated Wild Assed Guessing". :)

That's all for now. %)
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