May 24th, 2001


skool's out for summer...'s over for another year...not the end of it for me, I've got another three to five years to get through, but making it to summer break every year is always an accomplishment and a half. Anyway, I managed to get a 92 on my semester 4 final, which means I'll prolly be fine if and when I go to take my big CCNA test. I know my stuff.

Been wandering around on the windows side of my hard drive, getting retstak radio rolling (when I get a two/three hour playlist, I'll give the adoring internet public the address, 'cause that's when I'll be going 24/7, but right now, it works and I'm happy.)

Today I also discovered Leonard Cohen. As a Paul Simon and Bob Dylan fan, adjusting to Cohen's style isn't too difficult...and he's got a really AWESOME voice. It's this baritone, and he sings with such power and feeling...he immediately leaped to near the top of my favorite artists. I'm gonna have to get a CD or two. :)

anyway, that's all for more latah.
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    Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah