June 8th, 2001


good news, bad news....

All things considered...it's been good. Been working on my room when I got the chance, brought the new bookshelf in from the garage...it's pretty much full now, but I've stopped piling books on the dresser, which is a good thing. Slowly, the room actually gets clean, and I'm (to be honest) sorta looking forward to it. Even if it is yucky difficult to clean this place up.

Got what could be termed as good news/bad news today. First of all, the good part of the news. The cancer is retreating in the onslaught, and my mom is feeling much better now than she was quite a while ago. For the first time, there's actual real hope for a remission. (Mom said "cure" on the phone, I said, "It's a little early for that term...") But also, this means, she gets to be out of the hospital for the first time since May 11th. And she's still really run down from the leukemia, and this means that anything could give her infections. So the house has got to be spotless. And she could be out as early as today.

Great. :P

Anyway, I guess it's best to just try and ignore that and get the kitchen and my room picked up. Which means I should get to bed. Time stops for no man.

Oh yeah, and a J5K seg to finish editing and posting...Goddamn, life tomorrow is gonna be interesting.

Things to talk about in my next entry: touchdown, interesting books I've read, fun with SQL.
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