June 10th, 2001


4 am.

o/~ California, California/ You're such a wonder I think I'll stay in bed... o/~

Here it is. 4 AM again. I don't know why this works so well. The dog is busy chewing a bone to pieces on my bed, and wags her tail big time when I smile at her. I think this is her way of saying thanks for the bone.

Downloaded the new mp3 off the web tonight, the one I quoted above. It's kinda the cynic's take on my home state, and I like it. You can get your own copy at www.rufusmp3.com. It ROCKS. :)

And I got sidetracked discussing something with a friend, so now it's almost 5:30 AM, and I need to get to bed...but anyway, mom gets to come home on Monday prolly. Woo. And the room still isn't clean, I think I need people to yell at me to do so when I show my nose on IRC.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow. Whee.
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