June 12th, 2001


Home again, home again...

and right into the middle of yet another melodrama. I'll rant more about it later, once things get resolved...


I hate this.
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I think I'll sleep...

the night still leaves a bad taste in my mind. Yeah, things look roses and sunshine for the moment, but the thing I've learned is roses and sunshine never last around here. And I think I'll go to bed before I depress myself any worse than I already am. I think I need more sleep. Sleep is good...
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report cardage...

well, report card showed up in the mail today.

final tally:
Alternate Futures of America: A
Cisco 3rd semester: A
Cisco 4th semester: A
Guitar: W (messed up my hand and couldn't play, so I had to drop)
and the one I'm most proud of:
4th semester calculus: B


o/~ you only see this city in the broad daylight... o/~

Hmmm...lotsa things going on upstairs, not enough for me to actually get a coherent copy on what's going on...but lotsa things to mutter about and try to piece together...

want to start working on a few writing projects. Got some ideas on how to explain the Change in the Last Hope in pseudoscientific gibberish, so that's good. Mal is nagging me to get History of the JIhad, Part 1 done sometime in the next millenium...and I'd like to get chapter 2 of requiem out before the end of June too, I'm so close...

I also get my new toy tomorrow. Woo, GB Advance. Now I just have to order a Virtual Boy off ebay or something and I'll have the whole set. :)

Lesse. Worried about a sit. I don't wanna talk about it much, 'cause...well, they're vicious thoughts, and I don't really want to voice them here, yet, the cusp has not passed. Needless to say, the idea of the day is that words can be wonderful (I'm a writer, I have to say that), but they can also be the most damned frustrating things in the world. Especially when so many promises have been made that haven't been kept to, weasled out of and the spirit completely destroyed.

Yeah. I'm misguided. I don't know what I'm talking about on that sit...but as I said, the cusp hasn't passed yet, and thus I don't feel comfortable talking about it quite yet.

Anyway, I'm gonna go keep up my fun with mindfscking that I started in the last few days, and go read Illuminatus!. So far, it's confusing. We'll see...and then I'll sleep. Five AM nights and ten AM mornings are starting to wear, hard.

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