June 21st, 2001


storywriting and other wai stuff...

Uneventful day, really.

My musings on time are gonna wait a day or two, still marshalling pieces of stuff I want to talk about.

Lesse, lotsa good writing was released to the Jihad, including a bunch of sUcK segs, the Samsonite (Gimmick) trailer, a spinetingling vigenette by DarkSide (awesome piece of work), and late, my two humble pieces of work: requiem1 and requiem2. They're not the greatest, but hey...it's mine.

Still plugging away preparing for my CCNA test.

Busy pondering a Saturday Morning Cartoon staring the Evil Geeks...an amusing notion of mine. I might talk more about them later.

Ummm, lesse. Oh yeah, helping mom out around the house and stuff too. All in all, a productive uneventful day. Hopefully tomorrow can be half as wai.
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