July 3rd, 2001

sleepy, awww

Quiet night...

Another quiet day. Need to do a lot of work to get ready for my CCNA exam. Blew a few questions that I shouldn't have, and now I need to do a lot of practicing. 3 days, 9 hours left...

Been fiddling around with the birthday book. I need to post my birthday, it's kinda fascinating. Wonder exactly how accurate it is, it feels right. Well, after CCNA exam, I'll pull it up and do that. But the next three days are simply study, study, study, watch Chasing Amy, study, watch fireworks, sleep, study, study, study, study, sleep, study, see mom off to hospital, study, study, study, go to study group, sleep, study, study, take exam. Whee!

Oh yeah. Mallrats didn't quite live up to the other two Kevin Smith movies. Now to watch Chasing Amy and then waiting until Aug 24 for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!

and it's almost five AM. I should sleep. Nighty night.
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[16:56] * katster gets massively entertained by what the storeclerk must have been thinking when I purchased the two things that I did...
[16:56] <Calculus> Hmm?
[16:56] <katster> Cal: _The Mark_ (one of those fundie left behind books) and _Dogma: Special Edition_
[16:56] <Calculus> ...*snicker!*

Okay, I got drug out to go run a few errands for my mother, and we stopped by costco. I am amused. Too easily sometimes.
Oh yeah, and my books shipped. They should be here in three to seven days...