July 7th, 2001



Tired. My brain's been through a lot today, and so it's understandable why I'm tired and cranky and stuff.

Trying not to let anything spoil this decent mood I'm in. 'course, that's hard sometimes, what with people having "misery loves company" depressions, and I tend to reflect. But enough of that.

Welp. I have a CCNA. What next? Welp...I think I might get more book, and try to study on my own to get a CCDA. And next year I'm gonna work on my (eww) Microsoft certs.

And that's about all I can think of...g'night LJ world
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random note...

I don't think Kevin Smith will make this movie, but it was my dreams last night...

Jay and Silent Bob do Cisco Routing.

I think it's a combination of too much Kevin Smith movies over the last few days and nervousness about that damned test. %)
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