August 11th, 2001


o/~ there's only us/ there's only this o/~

Wow. I don't know how to word tonight's LJ.

A lot of things happened today. I woke up and discovered that one person hadn't understood the point to the tune of four phone calls. The poor friend who had stood up to these four phone calls was in a really bad state, and I can only imagine how some other people felt. Today had the potential to be a very bad day.

And then it turned out to not be so bad after all. I got to talk to somebody on the phone today, cheering him up, and it helped a lot. There's only so much you can do with just words before you have to hear the slight intonations in voices, and the laughter. Instead of making the person feel worse, I made him feel better.

Someday, Zibby, we need to get together in real life so you can see the face that goes with this laugh. :)

Not that all the problems are solved, no, we're far from it. But we'll play it by ear the next few days and see what happens. Things seem fixable for once, or at least I hope they will. Depression is never a fun trip, and I'm glad this ride is nearly over.

Oh yeah, finished Canticle for Leibowitz last night. I should recommend that book to my English teacher as a possible one to recommend to people who will be taking their English AP exam and want to read a sci-fi book for their oral book review project. Five years ago, the only one he could recommend was Stranger in a Strange Land, which somebody else got to read. I got stuck with Gulliver's Travels, which I'm glad I read now, but wasn't quite as happy about it back in high school.

That was still one of the best projects I've done, I came to school to specifically give that project even though I was extraordinarily ill, and my mom had to come pick me up after I gave the presentation. Impressed the hell out of my English teacher by doing that, though. I had to give it that day 'cause I was scheduled to go to Sacramento at the end of the week. But it turned out cool anyway.

o/~ forget regret/ for life is yours to miss o/~

<long distraction why katster tries to figure out why cellphones weren't working somewhere>

Alright, that's fixed, sorta.

Anyway, I'm in a decent mood tonight, besides that problem. And a few others. And I should have gone to bed hours ago. G'night.
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