August 29th, 2001


out of my mind, be back in 20 minutes.

Not concentrating well this afternoon. My head hurts, and it aches every time I go outside, or have contact with the outside world. I'm allergic to smoke, I suspect, considering I've done this a few times in bad wildfire years...

I'm not awake either. i live on a slightly different schedule than a lot of other people, and waking up at six am is...well, too early. Considering on a normal school day I wake up between nine and ten. (Okay, Fridays I wake up at eight, but I also get out of school at two, instead of at four or five the rest of the days of the week (or nine, on Mondays)).

and I'm hot, and I don't feel well, and the damned smoke is getting into the building. And I've got another two fscking hours of class before I get to finish here...

i just want to go home and go to sleep.
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