September 5th, 2001



today was just kinda the nightmare from the summer between frosh and soph year of college returning. My mom asked me to clean my room when I was studying, and I got a bit upset at this. She starts in on the internet thing. And she believes I'm addicted to the stupid thing. When I point out that all my friends are there, she goes, "Sometimes I go days without seeing my friends."

*whoosh* completely missed the point. And yeah, I'd been on the net earlier to chat with Zibby. So what? I was studying at that point, and earlier, I'd taken time to do stuff like help my sister run the kittycats to the vet and going to get her a soda. And I know she's sick. I don't honestly mind helping. I do hate doing the dishes, but I understand why it's gotta be done (even if I don't wipe the counters like I'm supposed to for different reasons, most of them because I'm so frustrated by that point that I don't care any more.)

And the room's a bit of a disaster, yes. It always is. But I like it that way. But since the cable guy is coming over to install digital cable tomorrow...

Oh yeah, have a quiz in assembler that I am not prepared for, I'm not sure I can take this much longer. I WAS gonna drop off the face of the planet about nine tonight, sleep until four or five this morning, and study, as well as help mom with the digital cable guy...but of course that got all flubbed up tonight, and it's now one, and I'm still not asleep.

Oh well, another night of no sleep for the katster type person in row 3B.

what do you do about parents that decide that it's good to be unreasonable at times? And why don't they see the good things I've been doing instead of all the bad things that I can't do right?
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For curiousity's sake...

Poll #4407 Birth Order Survey

Between you and your siblings, are you the

oldest, dammit, and always getting in trouble for it to boot.
middle, so y'gonna ignore me?
youngest, pay attention to me!
only, who needs siblings?
I technically fall under one of the other categories, but there is more than 5 years between me and my next oldest sibling.

Comments are welcome, playing with the idea from psych class.

sleepwalking through the day...

So...I didn't get to sleep until nearly one thirty, and slept until seven thirty. At which point my alarm went off, I shut it off and went back to sleep, but got tossed out of bed by my sister at 8:30. And to top it off, my head is hurting all the way around my eyes, which is a good sign that my sinusii are all fscked up again. If I didn't have that stupid assembler quiz, I'd check out for the day, but since I have that stupid quiz...

anyway, I'm awake, but I don't do much. I especially don't get the studying done for assembler that i wanted to. Oh well. Walking into quiz blind. Not a big deal.

Cable guy doesn't show up until fscking 11:30. Not to mention I could have slept in a few more hours than I did, but this had the effect of causing me to miss my math class. So much for perfect attendance. :P But Mom couldn't move the furniture the cable guy wanted moved, so guess who got the job?

Anyway, I make it to school for psych. And psych is okay. And then I go take my quiz.

It was easier than I expected, I think I did fairly well.

Anyway, I get home today and find out that my grandma is sick. With exactly the opposite problem as to what clued us in mom has leukemia. Anyway, now, after being reassured there was no fscking genetic link to mom's cancer (just one of those freak things, y'know?), they now tell us that Nanny's condition could be a genetic link.


...this has been katster's life.
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