September 16th, 2001



Tomorrow is sharing day at my church.

We're gonna share how we feel about Tuesday.

This should be interesting.


Speaking of wonderfulness, I got an upper this day. If you looked in my big list of things I've learned, you'll see the last one is about a statement I wrote for the web page. In the comments folder this morning was the following message.

Your message brought some sanity back to my own personal world -thank you.

keep up the good work.

That was a good upper.


Thank you, Zibby, just for being you.

God bless America.

Kev's thoughts on Tuesday.

For those of you who have been escaping into Kevin Smith movies this week in an attempt to get away, here's what the Man himself said.

"If you're not proud to be an American this week, I urge you to get your
jaded head out of your ass and stand in front of a flag and say the Pledge
of Allegiance with as much fervor as you did when you first learned it in
grade school. Because all that rhetoric we're usually fed during election
years about patriotism and love for our country that normally seems like
bullshit? That rhetoric has become a reality again. And I'd like to think
of it as the parting gift of the passengers of the hijacked airliners and
the nearly five thousand innocents who perished in both towers of the World
Trade Center. That's the silver lining to the dark and evil cloud that
loomed over our country just long enough last week to remind us why we're
all on this particular land mass to begin with...

"Because we choose to be Americans."

If you don't believe me,