October 1st, 2001


here we go again...

you know, I keep finding that maybe it'd be better just to keep my mouth shut. Better to hide what I think rather than hurt others--even inadvertantly. Especially inadvertantly.

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yeah, it's that katster again...

Sitting here in assembler, watching everybody else take the midterm that I'm supposed to be taking tomorrow. I don't feel well, it's kinda that general malaise. I know (some formulation of words to express that it's not completely my choice, but I can't use the formulation "I need to". More on this later) concentrate and get homework done, but my brain, instead of focusing, is playing me random Beatles songs.

For example, o/~ here I stand, head in hand/ Turn my face to the wall/ If she's gone, I can't go on/ Feeling two foot small/ Hey, you've got to hide your love away... o/~

or o/~ Try to see it my way,/ Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?/ While you see it your way,/ Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone./ We can work it out,/ We can work it out. o/~

Do you realize how much this sucks? :P

And it's Monday on top of it. I never did get the hang of Mondays.

--the fool on the hill
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    Beatlemania, as done by katster's brain.

minor bright spot...

I discovered, on my bed, two CD mailers, with a return address of Sandwich.net Internet Services.

Thanks Cal!

--the fool on the hill
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    Waybacks--Compadres In The Old Sierra Madre