October 4th, 2001


The Watchers

I've been promosing to write about the Watchers for quite a while now. So now I'm gonna tell you.

The Watchers....I don't know where they came from. I suspect it's my screwed up head trying to come up with some way to explain how I was so different than most other people. And it's an idea I find myself returning to again and again. To put it simply, the Watchers are an alien race here on Earth with the humans. Their job is simply to watch. Whether this is part of some long term experiment or not is debatable, but they're intent on watching.

The motto of the Watchers is "Don't get involved. Physically, mentally, emotionally -- all forms of involvement are interference. And if you must get involved, get in and get out. Long term relationships spoil the experiment."

So I guess there is some sort of experiment going on with the Watchers, but I'm not even sure if they know what their experiment is. Their job is simply to watch, and not to get involved. Ever. There is no excuse for caring.

The reason these Watchers are so important is that sometimes, in my worst depressions, where my efforts at helping seem to bang off closed doors, that many Watchers not only won't get involved, but literally cannot. Their attempts at interference are rebuffed for some unknown reason, whether it's a Universe helping or hindering their goals, or some other reason.

And yeah, I often feel like I'm one of these aliens. Unable to affect my universe, unable to get involved in my world. I feel at times ignored and unable to please folks, and the Watchers are the best explanation I can come up with to make me not feel like I'm being taken for granted. After all, if I can't get involved, then I can't be hurt, right?

...that's all jumbled together, but that's the basic idea. Hopefully it makes some sense.

[Ironically, I've gotten into the RPG called In Nomine. Within In Nomine, there is the shamed eight choir of angels, known as the Grigori, or the Watchers. And the reason they're shamed (and supposedly don't exist anymore) is because they crossed the line between observing and participating. Same idea, different presentation.]
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more musing with words...

depression rolls in
like a fog
i listen for
the foghorn
echoing its cry
through the night
but it's not there
the fog is too thick
and the sound is not carrying
it's hard to be
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