October 9th, 2001


Two important items of note...

One. I have found a very geeky way to show my patriotism.

Shirts that read rm -rf /bin/laden are always interesting and good to wear to parties and school.

Two. I have scheduled my GRE exam, the first major step on the grad ska-ewl passway. I take it Thursday, October 25, at nine AM in Chico. I need all the luck I can get, so if you guys would keep me in your minds that day, I'd really appreciate it.

It's basically the grad school version of the SAT. But I have to do decently well on it to make up for my semi-bad GPA in college. (I know, a 3.2 with all my problems is *NOTHING* to sneeze at, but the grad skewls want a 3.5)

It's difficult to do all this grad skewl stuff, considering, when I went in at berkeley to see a career center rep about it (I only had a 3.0 at the time, but still...I did have the diagnosis by that point), and he said to forget about grad skewl, that no school would let me in with grades like that. So I'm going to need a lot of prodding and stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Yay me.
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Note to self...

never put "stupid shirt I bought" together with "test that determines the rest of my life" again...and if I do, put "stupid shirt I bought" after "test that determines the rest of my life", so maybe people will notice that part of the deal...

later, I'll put up today's calculator ramblings, I had fun rambling from a historical perspective.

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calculator ramblings...

math/microsoft class update.

first of all, my math teacher is wearing a dress that is a bit more sedate in colour. (Hi, Zibby!) it's a dark green, with interesting frilly designs.

okay, whoa i actually paid attention in math class. now, i'm in microsoft clas. we're busy highlighting in our books as Lou lectures to us. it's not exactly rocket science. the good thing about this class is that there's only one test to determine your grade. the bad thing? you guessed it.

i'm bored again, as seems to be usual in my classes. i wish i could goof off on the net in this class. right now, it's everything about win2k server that you didn't want to know. whee.

i know entirly too much about NTFS than i really wanted to know. a bit tired. can't wait to get to break in this class, i've been sitting since one, and it's now nearly 2:30. booooored.

yay, we're done with that STUPID chapter, we have a break. and when we come back, we have more chapters to highlight.

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