October 10th, 2001

sleepy, awww

bedtime thought

hmmm...another day over.

if all the days could be as balanced as this one in terms of positives and negatives, i would be a happy katster.
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fscking assembly.


two points off...because I didn't see the change from 16 to 32. And I wouldn't be so upset with myself, except this is the third or fourth time I've done this in the last week, and I'm starting to get really frustrated with myself. And I wish I knew what was going on, and why I'm not tracking right.

so. 22.5/25 on the programming assignment. two points off because i didn't change one variable from 16 to 32. Fuck. not like it hurts my grade, it moves me to 189.3/200, which is still a 94.65%, but it does frustrate the hell out of me.

because i'm defective in some way, and this is getting rubbed into my face in a very visible way.
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