October 11th, 2001


books and stuff...


Not sure what to say tonight. My assembler problems are already talked about, I'm not sure what else to say, except stupid shirt showed up today. And I finished A Scanner Darkly. That's an awesome book, I wonder if our resident druggies have read it. It's cool. Typical Dickian headtrip. It's about this druggie and dealer named Bob Arctor, and the undercover agent sent to track him...but because of the drugs Arctor's taking, the undercover agent is him! it's a trip. %)

(and I didn't spoil anything that wasn't on the back cover of the book.)

Reading through An American Requiem now. So far it's pretty cool. It's about this Vietnam-era Air Force Lt. General and his peacenik son.

And I should go to bed now.
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ugh, another day and nothing got done.

maybe things will lighten up long enough that I can have a weekend to myself with NO schoolwork for once. Is that too much to fscking ask?

here's the schedule through the end of october:

10/12 -- psych test.
10/15 -- psych presentation, last day of Ex'hell
10/17 -- assembler program due
10/15-10/19 -- another math test (she's not nice enough to tell us when...)
10/25 -- GRE (really big fscking test)

Talked to Zibby today, he made me feel a bit better. Even thoguh I'm gonna bomb psych test.

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