October 17th, 2001


whee, homework being worked on.

In my frustration, I threw stupid book to the floor. It opened right to an english description of the problem.


the high/low thing going on there is assembler stuff. when you divide, the answer goes into the low buffer, the modulo goes in the high. I needed the modulo to shove in the buffer, the answer to keep dividing.

The bad copy of my code (.asciiz does NOT do what it claims to do...) is at http://www.retstak.org/stupidassemblycode.txt. The error it gives is at http://www.retstak.org/console.gif.

The most current version is at http://www.retstak.org/currentprog3.txt

There's still a few bug fixes left, and lots of documentation. But I've got plenty of time to do it in. And you get to see some of what is my psuedocode. Which has a Perlish flavour to it, with a taste of basic, and English when I had no other way to express the concept. :)

Oh yeah, all this is writen in MIPS assembly, so if you don't understand it, don't feel bad. Props tonight, in random order, go to Blue (the Phorus man), MD, phenyx,zorbathut, and shadur.

Anyway, I just got told at ten tonight that I was to be ready to go at 8:15 tomorrow morning. So. Sleep for me. Hopefully the laundry's clear...
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