October 22nd, 2001


God bless our Krispy Kreme donuts and discount cigarettes.

Okay, I had to laugh.

"Shortly after the attacks, I was driving up I-15 and passed a casino inside the Nevada state line. On their enormous flashing electric sign, the management had obviously inserted a patriotic message without removing any of the usual ones.

"So, in lights eighty feet high, every living thing for 50 miles was greeted by:

"'Ten ounce strip steaks!'

"'Krispy Kreme donuts!'

"'Loose slots!'

"'Discount cigarettes!'



"'Ten ounce strip steaks...'

"I'm not sure that's precisely the message they intended."

-Bob Harris

when the urge strikes you at the wrong time.

Okay. Sorry my journal has been so full of randomness, I'll try to get serious again sometime soon.

Just wanted to report that I feel like writing for the first time in ages.

And it's 2:30 on a school night.

Goddamn my brain. :P
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odd thoughts of the day.

1) CNN is a good thing to fall asleep to, especially if they're talking about stocks.

2) You can fall asleep with glasses on, if you're not careful, or you lie down to watch CNN financial news and fall asleep. :)

g'night world.
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