October 23rd, 2001


Okay...if I do this good on my real GREs...

Took a practice GRE tonight. Here's how the scores came out.

Verbal: 590.
Quantitative (Math): 660
Analytical (Logic): 780
Total: 2030

All GRE tests are graded out of 800, so you can see roughly where those fit. I'm shooting for a range on the real test of somewhere between 1800-2000, so...

If I can do this well on my real ones, I think I can pretty much clinch myself a spot in grad skewl. Even with a Berkeley GPA of 3.2 (3.3 in the jr/sr years, 3.09 in the major).

So...I'm gonna find myself a list of SAT vocabulary words. But otherwise, I'm gonna relax and be a little less nervous about it...and get ready to kick ass and take names on Thursday.

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