October 25th, 2001



Okay, here I go. Down to Chico and then into the test. I'm a bit nervous, but more for the long drive than the actual test. Anyway, I'll try to grab a keyboard somewhere and let you guys know what happened. Otherwise, it'll be midafternoon before we get 'em...

Anyway, here I go.
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Greetings from Chico! Check in within ten minutes. I *LIKE* the incompetence here. Block www.lj but not katster.lj orjust lj without the www. %) Anyway, here goes nothing!

and I'm done...

remember how I said I wanted to get in the range of 1800-2000? I didn't make that range. Scores as follows:
V: 620
Q: 690
A: 800

go look up prior postings on the GRE to figure out what that comes to and just what the hell I managed to do on the analytical. -kat


content free.

For those of you want actual content, you'll have to wait.

For those of you who wanna know the frivolities like what mp3s I listen to, you're in luck!

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