October 28th, 2001


whee, fun being ill

I think I have the flu. It could be anthrax, though, I've handled some mail... ;)

It's just this draggy lousy feeling in which you discover you've had muscles that you've never used before. You're alternately hot and cold, both burning up and freezing cold, and your throat hurts, and your stomach aches and you can't think straight. And you're so damned tired.

that's how I feel right now. no wonder the words seemed to have ran away.

anyway, I will really try to sum up everything going on with me when I feel better. Not that it matters or anything, but I guess it would help. Because when I get sick, I also tend to get in a black mood. And I wonder if anybody truly cares or anything. But I know that's stupid to think that...stupid head. stupid fucked up head.

i'll stop now before I start babbling incoherently.
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