November 1st, 2001


Here we go...

Day 1, Hour 1. 23 words.

I'm only logging that because I wanna sleep on where I go from here. I've got plenty of time left to get the rest of the words.

Got the program in, got told about the next one. Due in two weeks. Involving a binary search. Oh whee!

So, NaNoWriMo in the morning, go to class, and study for my math test tonight. It's doable.

Life? What life?
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This is my life...

Day One: 23 words. One busted ankle. And a math test.

Yep. I had to walk down an embankment to get back to my car. I looked down the slope, thought to myself, "I need to be careful where I put my feet, this is steep, riddled with holes, and it's rained recently." No sooner had I taken the first step towards doing this when my right foot caught a gopherhole, rolled underneath me, and I went over. I got back up, tested the ankle. It seemed to be working fine, if a bit twingy. Okay. I just twinged it, the best cure for that is to walk it off.

And I had Halloween duty with the munchkins, so I had to get home. And that Halloween duty (taking the munchkins out trick or treating), and the resultant traspising around the neighborhood is prolly what messed the ligament up. So I have a right foot that is sore, painful, twice its size, and turning interesting colors. And prolly a partially torn ligament. Ouch.

I'm ordered off of it for the rest of the weekend with the exception of school tomorrow, and the doctor will take another look at it Monday. In the meantime, I'm stuck with this impossible brace that is made out of something resembling fiberglass, so no weight can go on it. Makes it fun. At least I can not wear the brace if I need to move around, and just have the ankle wrapped. Otherwise, I'd never make it anywhere.

And my math teacher is a stickler for taking exams on time, else I'll be emailing her and telling her that my ankle is busted and I've been ordered to stay off it. But since I'm there, I might as well work on making all my classes, as much as that is going to kill me. I still need to write out all my notecards, I'm tired, and I need to be up at six AM. Goddamn, I suck.

But I hurt, and that's meant that I've not been able to sustain concentration on any activity today. I'll get my cards wrote, it's just gonna be another hour. And I need to go do that now, or I'm really gonna be screwed. I've not been doing as well as I should at keeping up with the homework, between all the stress that's been running around.

Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Off to write my notecards now.

And then sleep.

Sleep sounds good.
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