November 13th, 2001


Another day closer...

I should SO go to bed now.

Need to find one more gift, and I'll have the international side of my Christmas ordering and shipping done. And then I have to do the domestic half of the list. The international folks go first because of delays in transit, where I have a little more time for domestic shipping. This should get interesting fast though.

Other thing I really should do is go to Build-A-Bear and get my sister that stuffed Labrador to match her real one (which, I should note, the real one is sleeping on my bed right now).

Another day where I cooked dinner (it took FOREVER).

Anyway, I'm getting up at sixthirty tomorrow, so I am really going to bed. Tomorrow, I'll post some of the stuff I really wouldn't mind getting for Christmas.

G'night LJ world!
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I hate being sick.

Especially when it involves dizziness, pain in my back, and being utterly sick to my stomach and wanting to puke. :P
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