November 14th, 2001


i hate being sick...

Off to the docs again, to see what's wrong with me THIS time.

pain in lower back
nausea (which hasn't gone into anything worse, thank god)
bruising under the eyes
some dizziness
not really hungry
sleepy all the time

We'll see what the doctor says...

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the results of the docs trip and assembler madness...

Welp...turns out the nausea and the dizziness and the pain in my back is all the result of a kidney infection. Whee. So, we're gonna switch antibiotics (the doc says that I prolly have a strain resistant to the first antibiotic). The funny thing is, the second antibiotic that they use to try and kill upper urinary tract infections (which is what I have) is called Cipro. Haw haw...

As for assembler a 24.5 on my last program and a 24 on my quiz. Lost half a point on both because I had figure of merits incorrectly explained to me. But it means my assembler grade stands at a 95.56% with 2 programs (50 pts), 1 quiz (25 pts), 1 midterm (100 pts), 1 final (100 pts), and one group project (40 pts). Still trying to keep it real.

Anyway, just to hang on a bit longer, and then I can go home.
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joining in the fun...

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