December 5th, 2001


college football fandom...

In my Big Game post, I made the request that somebody hire Tyrone Willingham (he of the seven straight big game wins) away from Stanfurd.

That may happen.

In other news, Oregon is getting jobbed in the BCS, and the Rose Bowl is completely spoiled. Argh. I hate the BCS.
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an introvert in Graffitti mode...

(swiped from wiredferret)

katster's livejournal?

If I have this man. I could have to sure why this right
now, and I want to try and him out, and im trapped; fill
her soda; cup, or something, every single time will to
get depressed (I spent tend towards wonder seem to
sleep). Deal, with those of meat the day has gone, from
my psych journal assignment out and odd way, you
and I'm sitting here: and that people don't know, I'm
with people don't care, it just addicted: just a drink of
my soda; first place, an introvert in Graffitti mode. And
phen was kinda like dishes or ignore: than the nation,
Professor Chang my head is my big game post, i
digress (Anyway, I move my slides look I'm with friends
I remember once caught up in my journal assignment
out a roller mess and i she the world)? I wonder how do
not to be nice that lie when I'm sitting on a chevron
card that I seem to lot of meat fun!

You too can play with the Livejournal poetry generator by entering the URL, in which username is replaced with your LJ username.

[addendum: seems this only works with paid accounts. Oh well.]

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