December 6th, 2001


It's more than taking down a terrorist controlled jumbo jet that makes you an American hero.

Mark Bingham.

You've prolly heard of the name, at least in context with Beamer, Burnett, and Glick, as one of the four guys who took out UAL 93's mission to destroy the Capitol on a fateful Tuesday morning in September. Although our president only cares about Beamer, it seems, Mark Bingham has become my favorite of the four. As I read more and more about what he's done...I'm proud to have graduated from the same school as him.

But it wasn't just going to Cal that made him a hero. It's stuff like this article that was on SFGate this morning, about the San Francisco Fog, a rugby team that was started by a bunch of gay men. Read it, it's good.
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