December 7th, 2001


whee, what a day.

details follow, but first more from the random LJ poetry generator...

I have a network connection, I'd be a good mood
from the most fun thing. Make the text entry. A
kid out. And theres no. How much more my
grasp psych journal assignment out.

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[PocketLJ] It's crunch time d00d!

"The first C is for copy
the R's for rationality
the U's for understandin'
the stress the teacher ran through you
the N is for normality
the other C is crazy!
and the H is for hard times
which is what I'm goin' through."

Finished my powerpoint exam. It was easier than I expected. Now I'm bored in math class. this afternoon I have a psych test and I register for classes.

the song is a stupid one I made up in HS. I was a freshman, may the gods take mercy on me!

I want to go to sleep. Another short night last night. Oh well...

Only 1 hr 15 min left of skewl this week!!

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And now, for the rest of the school day...

After nearly falling asleep in math class, I registered for classes. My schedule is a mix of techy classen and psychology. Fun for me. If you wanna know where I'll be when...check it out

Second of all, there was no psychology test today. Nice surprise. Supposedly we get the 30 points for it too. And thank god, the math test is still on Wednesday, but my psych presentation may be monday. This isn't a bad thing.

And that's all for school. Got more to say, but i need to process it first.
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