December 11th, 2001

god i'm nuts, crazy, weird

You know you've been reading too much Harry Potter when...

Professor Snape (as played by Alan Rickman, as I read through the books, I was struck by how well Rickman played the part) shows up in your dreams. In the dream, I don't know why, but everybody's wearing Muggle clothes (although they're not happy about it), and Snape, for some strange reason only the weirder parts of my brain could comprehend, had an SF Giants t-shirt on...

Yes. My brain is weird. That whole dream was weird.

when's book 5 coming out anyway?
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days and days and days and days!

too much is due tomorrow, but here's what happened today.

I took an assembler quiz, think I did fine on it. I went to math and microsoft class. They were both boring as hell. Then I came home and found two packages on my bed. One was expected, although my sister telling me it came from N-somewhere she thought it was Newfoundland was funny.

That package was from Zibby, and the Christmas present is sitting under the tree waiting for christmas.

The other one was a real surprise. This October, I'd entered a contest at AM/PM to win a trip to the Pac-10 rivalry game of your choice. I, of course, entered with every intention of going to Big Game and rooting on my Bears. Well, I didn't win the trip (obviously) but the other package had a letter in it informing me I'd won first place, which is a Pac-10 conference football shirt. Wai! Go Pac-10!

Anyway, Zibby's on top of me that I need to go to bed...and I've got a long busy day ahead of me, so I think I'm going to actually listen for once. So g'night everyone.

*tip* *thud* *zzzzzzz*
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