December 18th, 2001

logo room and board ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Hi, I'm 23 and I live with my parents.

There's some advantages to this setup. I get free room and board, and a car to drive that I don't have to pay for gas. But I'm not sure those advantages are worth some of the disadvantages.

Like being the on-call grammarnazi. Or having next to no privacy. Or having to deal with complaints about my "internet addiction". *shrug* if being alone is bad for me and being with other people is bad for me, what do I do? I want a place where I can shut the door and nobody will bother me.

Anyway, that's that, just wanted to slightly beef on that a bit. and I'll confess to being a bit miffed that the grammarnazi exercise took a lot more time than I expected.

I've been raftering as of late.

Raftering. It's kinda my own word, but it comes, in some strange odd way from alt.callahans, where they imagine that their lurkers hang out in the rafters of the bar. I stumbled across the place after reading my copy of Callahan's. I'd noticed Spider's usenet post in the back of the book, but I guess I was rereading Callahan's at just the right time to throw myself into the place. So I've been reading the newsgroup in my spare time (what spare time?) and enjoying the raftering. I'll come clean eventually, but right now, I think it's best I lurk, and get a feel for the place. I mean, I just read a post by a guy that took six years to come out of the rafters...time is an abstraction.


I got an A in my powerpoint class, that's three units of A's this semester, with 13 more waiting for me to finish up stuff. I took my math final today, and I think I got at least a 75 on it, which should mean that I get a B in the class. Assembler final is Wednesday, Microsoft final is on thursday, and I have to show up to psych on friday even though I'm done, to sit through other people's presentations. But I'm pretty assured of an A in Psych, and I think I'll definitely have a B in Assembler, and if I can do reasonably well on the final, then I'll have an A. I'll sit down and figure it out tomorrow night, on a best guess, with worst possible scores on the three assigments that I don't have point totals for ( a good hundred points, a fifth of the grade).

Not too worried, though.


sleep is good.
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...the night owl society

what am I still doing up, reading a Harry Potter thread on alt.callahans? Granted, it's fascinating, they're dissecting the books and trying to figure out where Rowling is coming from (and it all started out of a discussion of my favorite character -- Harry and Ron are amusing, and Hermoine reminds me of myself at that age...but I've gotta give the nod to Snape. :) And my sister's already picked up on this, my Christmas present from her is a Serverus Snape action figure.) %)

...anyway, I need to get my financial aid papers together and collapse.

Hi Zibby! :)
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