December 19th, 2001



[00:04] <katster> Why do communists drink herbal tea?
[00:04] <katster> Because proper tea is theft.
[00:04] <keebler> .... ow
[00:05] * keebler rummages for that nuclear bomb gun
[00:06] <katster> I think Zibb took it with him when he went poof for the night.
[00:06] <keebler> no, it's right here. *BLAM*
[00:06] <katster>, keebie, that's only a pop gun.
[00:06] <keebler> NUCLEAR pop gun
[00:07] <katster> Yeah, kills the user, not much else. ;)
[00:07] <keebler> damn
[00:10] * Tangaroa ponders a soda pop gun
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Okay, here I go to take my assembler final. I make it through this one and it'll all be downhill from here. So keep good thoughts in your head for me the next few hours.

-kat, the nervous and worried.
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alright, averages with sra suck, and I shouldn't have tweaked that piece of code without testing it to make sure it came out with the numbers he wanted. Amazing how changing a less than or equals to a less than, and having it flub up, because it thinks that half of three is one. :P Fark. Oh well. Maybe it'll be a couple points off, and maybe it won't be the end of the world. So what, I've got 15 bonus points. Something stupid like that in a program that otherwise works and works well...

Okay, I'm going to quit rambling and go home now. And I'm going to study for my last final. Yay.

-kat, who idly wishes she had a cellular modem for her palm so that she could irc while listening to psych presentations on Friday...
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completely random post.

I love books. I love them so much that they're overflowing off the shelves and all over the floor. Here's a few of the books on the floor.

  • Colour of Magic--First American edition. Found at the Berkeley library store for a buck, and eagerly snatched up. And when Pterry was in Berkeley for a booksigning, that book got brought along, and now it sports Pterry's autograph. :)
  • An Unquiet Mind--"Unlike attendance at classes---which seemed stifling and, like the rest of the world's schedules, based on an assumption of steadiness and consistency in moods and performance--the research life allowed an independence and flexibility of schedule that I found exhilerating." This wonderful book, by Kay Redfield Jamison, is one of the best books I found for understanding my illness, and what it means. And since my undergrad transcript has a couple of frozen I's (no failing grades, though, I somehow never managed to get a grade worse than a C+)...well, you see how the quote fits.
  • The Callahan's Chronicles--First three books of the Callahan's series, and a damned good read.
  • The GNU Debugger--From my first failed attempt to learn C. Still wrapped up, but I'll prolly unwrap it and stick it on the tech shelf...

And that's just some of my books on the floor Hope you liked this look.

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