January 8th, 2002


o/~ I can make out the belt of the hunter Orion... o/~

Went outside to take the dog potty tonight.

It's the first clear night in ages. And my god, the sky is full of stars! I don't hold much hope it's going to stay this way for very long (another stormfront is moving in), but it was amazing to be reminded that there is something above all the cloud cover.

Because it's been rainy, the sky is cleaned out too, and I just love cold winter nights for the "reach out and touch 'em" that you get with stars. It was one of the few nights I was able to spot Gemini right away. It was pretty amazing.

Did I mention that I like stars?

And somewhere, somehow, Alex is smiling, because he got one more student to look up and awe. :)

[Someday I'm going to have to write about the teachers that influenced me...]
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