January 24th, 2002

god i'm nuts, crazy, weird

watch the true colours appear.

Lotsa thoughts congealing in my head.

Thought the first: It's funny to watch folks condemn entire groups out of hand.

Thought the second: Java is actually interesting and fun so far.

Thought the third: I am not God dammit.

Thought the fourth: You know, I don't care about that anymore.

Thought the fifth: I'm too naïve sometimes for my own good.

Thought the sixth: there is no thought the sixth.

Thought the seventh: school is painfully boring besides psych and java so far this semester

Thought the eighth: I need to write.

Thought the ninth: I really need to go to bed.

Night, LJ world.
(oh yeah, if these don't make any sense, don't worry. I don't often make sense.)
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