January 29th, 2002



I was late to class this morning. Not like I care, school is going directly downhill at the moment. I only like three of my classes thus far, and only one of them is today. And it's at the end of the day.

Right now I'm in sucky access class. She lectures about everything. It's dumb. I could so use this time to be working on homework ATM, or trying to do something useful. But so far, usefulness consists of my brain wanting to do a text-adventure game with the people in my primary IRC channel...why? Why?

I am so utterly bored out of my skull.

Tonight (or this afternoon anyway), I'm hoping to minddump some thoughts I've been having on depression. We'll see if it happens.

*gets an assignment back* *sigh* Stupid nitpicky details are going to kill me throughout this class...

ugh, I'll just forget about getting any work done today. Blah.
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The Committee to Keep katster in Boringtown strikes again!

*grumblemutter* teachers that can't write a simple letter of recommendation... *mumblefsck*