February 7th, 2002


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bored, and trying something found on LJ-nifty...



...interesting. why is font color="katster" coming out black and font color=katrina coming out blue?

even more interesting, in Aieeee, "katster" comes out more red. This really surprises me. I would have expected it to be switched.
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scared, trapped

Welcome to my hell..

Access class, again. I'm sorry, I don't care what everybody thinks of her, I don't like her. The class is all about nitpicky details, stupid things, and well...

took a quiz today. some of it was stupidly easy, some of it was ridiculously nitpicky. Like the buttons you use to navigate between fields. There's Four of them, they look sorta like this in ascii. << < > >>

What are they called? Why does it fscking *matter* what they're called, as long as I know what they do? :P

*sigh* and then I accidentally printed in the middle of lecture.

Teacher: "Who printed?"
Me: "It was an accident, I'm sorry."

*sigh* Welcome to my hell.
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