February 12th, 2002


More generic ramblings.

Well, the munchkin brigade stayed another night at my house. Their mom decided not to leave LA until 9 last night, and it's a ten hour drive between there and here. Then this morning, my sister forgot to feed them their medication. The younger of the two is ADHD. You can imagine why her poor teacher called mom at just before nine this morning. So mom and Brit are out to feed the kids their medication, and well...*yawn*

I need to order my textbook for my next microsoft class. I should probably go do that.

And somehow, my brain decided to be somewhat creative and allow me to capture something on paper for the first time in what seems forever. Unfortunately, it's not much, just a poem, and I lost sleep because it decided to pop in my head just as I was drifting off to sleep. On the other hand, it's something. *sigh* I need to write, whether it feels forced or not.

Yeah, I'm still looking for time to update what I'm thinking about writing. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, soon anyway. I'm sure you all wanna know what kind of hypocrite I am.

anyway, katster put this up now and go buy her textbook like a good girl...
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I think I now know what my least favourite sound in the world is...

...the *crunch* as one automobile hits another.

Got in a minor fenderbender today. Nobody got hurt, there's fairly minor damage to the automobiles. I was driving along, scanning for a parking spot, when somebody backed out into me. Oops.

I just should not be allowed to drive a car in the first half of February if I'm going to have this kind of luck. (For those of you who don't know, I got in a wreck on 9 Feb 2001, so you can see where this is kinda funny.)

So yeah, I'm fine, she's fine, we're all fine, and now it's just dealing with aftermath. it sucketh, but I'll deal. Just hope that it's not my fault, right?
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