February 20th, 2002


spiritually ill.

Be rational. if it were only that easy. If only I could turn my feelings off...things would be a lot easier. but I'm cursed to *feel*.

and there is no worse curse on this planet.

still blah, and ill on top of it. And nobody seems to quite understand.

yeah, I think I'll be out a few more days, my emotions are still topsy turvy.
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oski, calbear, berkeley

Three cheers for my alma mater!

Because things like this happen only at Cal...

(Before anybody thinks we're really a bunch of oddballs, DE-Cal is short for Democratic Education at Cal, classes taught by students for students. I took history of Cal and perl coding in this fashion, and most of the times, the classes are worth it. And you can only take the classes P/NP. Very much worth it, though...)
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    UC Marching Band - Toast to California