February 21st, 2002



There are days where I wonder why I bother to go to access class.

the teacher has this funny idea that nobody's ever absent in her class, so I'm missing two days worth of handouts, this would be funny if it wasn't 30+ points at stake. And I'm behind because of the fiasco of the last week, and a bout of stomach flu on top of it...

*sigh* she frustrates me.

-kat, the easily frustrated these days, it seems.

[notes to self: this weekend, do logic quiz, stars2, and sections C,D,E...that should be enough studying for my handson quiz too, which is Tuesday. Sometimes, the secret of surviving manic-depression and schooling at the same time is to learn how to time your spells...]
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running off to my next class...

The Evil Empire is calling me. It is saying, "Kat...you will like Win2K whether you like it or not..."

whee, I now know entirely too much about it, and I'm going to learn more.

and final today, wish me luck!


relaxation time.

what could be more relaxing than hanging out in the math lab, working on some java code, and having the rest of the world gleefully tuned out in favour of the sounds of Marraketh? :)

I'm starting to feel a bit better, there's still a ways to go, and I've got a pile of skewlwurk to unbury myself from. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I guess it's time to quit fooling around in my LJ and actually do my homework. But it's java, and it's making sense this time around, so...

*shrug* I need to write more about what happened to me this week, why my sanity decided it was a good time to slip away, and why it's decided to start coming back. But not now, I have homework to attend to.

But rest assured, I'm starting to come out of the fog, only to find zibblsnrt is throwing potatoes at my boat. ;)

And I've decided I need a staff. I have no idea where I'd get one, but I want one. Yes. I'm weird.
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fscking roller coaster rides...

this is gonna come out kinda random and disjointed...thoughts on the matter are encouraged, but keep in mind, I'm fragile, please.

there's a reason I'm not quite back yet. Every time I think I've got it together, I'm coming out of hell, things are clearing...

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