February 26th, 2002



it is not morning.

it is not morning.

it is not morning.

if I say it enough times, maybe morning will go away and let me sleep s'more.
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...this is as of a few minutes ago, when I took a copy of my LJ infopage. I post it here, because tonight, right about midnight, signifies that I've become an LJ user for an entire year. And what a year it was...I'll have more to say on it tomorrow, I've got a commemorative post or two in mind, and I was hoping to be a little closer to entry #500, because I've got something planned for that one. But it'll keep a few more days if it takes me that to get to #500... :) Anyway...yeah. this is just my way of saying, "yay, a year of LJ..." woohoo.

So yeah. We'll see if I say anything else tonight, or if I just crash out here...I'll let my mind wander a bit. Actually, I think I'll tell you what was on my desk when I got home, but that'll be in a different post.
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Why do I enjoy making my soul bleed?

Why do I enjoy wounding myself spiritually, kicking myself over something that isn't my fault?

And how does one walk the fine line between putting oneself first and caring for one's friends?

I lost a friend because she got angry at something and decided it was worth it to wound me, and ...I can't fix everything.

Hell, I can't even fix myself.

i'm sorry, zibb, I know, I said I'd try, and I couldn't resist.

Here I go again, falling off the cliff.

Am I wrong somewhere here? I don't know, and I can't tell anymore. Too many shades of grey, too much changing...

Have a nice day.
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