March 4th, 2002

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very very amused...

As seen in the local newspaper this morning, I found it kinda funny...
The Greatest Threat to World Peace

Poll #21601 The Greatest Threat to World Peace...

So who *is* the greatest threat to world peace?

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well, if I don't get myself to bed right now (and even if I do, dammit), I'm gonna have the mommy hen clucking at me to get to bed.

After all, he said I'm not to be awake when he gets up... %)

kat, going to bed like a good katster should have hours ago.
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From a router outage announcement...

"It is necessary to periodically upgrade the operating systems of routers just as it is with people, in order to fix bugs, take advantage of new features, and apply security updates."

...the techs at Berkeley *have* a sense of humour.
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