March 18th, 2002

assume a spherical cow, nerdy


What's a good book on XML? Something tells me that I ought to learn about this.
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laundry laundry

*sorts through laundry*

*finds her Google shirt*

There are small bits of happiness in the world.

*watches the dog help with the laundry*

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okay, wow, that was cool.

Okay. I was productive tonight. I'm now just about to fall asleep. That's good.

It's amazing how much cleaner my room looks just by dealing with the fscking laundry.

next step is to return books to bookshelves and take out some trash.

Whoda thunk I'd clean my room...voluntarily?
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[PocketLJ] huh...

somehow, I got a B on that test. But I think my psych teacher cheated and gave us all four extra points...

now she's talking about study groups, and being restrictive. Ugh.
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