March 20th, 2002


random blatherings about the last two days...

so, it's oh dark thirty, and I should have gone to bed hours ago, but...ah well.

Lesse, been a busy few days. Monday, hit up the coolest used bookstore in town (it may be boringtown, but there's *three* used bookstores in town, this is the one place where it's definitely *not* boring), and got the last book in the Homecoming series by Orson Scott Card, and Door into Fire by Diane Duane, which is the book ac's talking about reading as a group. And I hope to be properly introduced by that point (just a raftered lurker at the moment, but I'd like to be more involved...).

Also went to Walmart and got myself a shiny new pair of hiking boots which I should start wearing so that both pairs of shoes are broken in by this summer. I know Patrick's going to be dragging me around Halifax, and I remember the *pain* of walking down Geary from Divisadero into downtown on hiking boots not properly broken in. Painful. But those shoes were comfortable after that.

Speaking of Patrick, he's got a presentation this afternoon, and I want to wish him luck on that. Even though he's going to do fine, as long as he remembers that Napoleon's legions of Zulus had nothing to do with the Battle of Acinum, or whatever the heck he's talking about. :)

...and there are times I wish windows had grep, so I could find the right spelling for that word in my colleciton of IRC logs...

but I'm off subject. Tuesday. I didn't go to class today, I've come down with another round of the Bronchitis from Hell, and went to the doctor. He said to get rest. Thus, I am getting rest, the best way I know how, which is going to Barnes and Noble and buying sixty bucks in books. Yes, I'm a bibleophile. So I have now Learning XML and XML in a Nutshell, thus adding to my zoo. (and those two books were forty dollars together, but...).

I also bought three scifi/fantasy books: Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer, an author Patrick got me hooked on (Calculating God sent my mind off on new spiritual tangents, which is something I find important); So You Want to Be a Wizard, by Diane Duane (the first book in a series that I'm told puts Harry Potter to shame); and Lifehouse by Spider Robinson. So I've got lots of reading material...

Interestingly enough, Sawyer and Spider are Canadians, and Duane is a Brit, so none of my scifi/fantasy purchases today were that of an American author, which I found funny. :)

Oh yeah, I have two shiny new Great Big Sea albums: Turn and Sea of No Cares. The latter is what I referred to when I said I was waiting for goldfish to ship, because the cover of SoNC has a great big goldfish on the cover. I am happy with both these albums, and I want it to be known that my favourite GBS song is now "Sea of No Cares." However, "French Perfume" wins for both most graphic imagery and song I cannot get out of my head...

Anyway, I think that's enough for this level of random blather. Congrats if you made it to here.

Last thing. I got a Googlewhack! yay. :) It doesn't take much to make me semi-happy these days.
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so sad...I just finished another tin of altoids.

Good thing I picked up another tin while I was at the store...
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