March 22nd, 2002

pissed, angry

venting anger randomly...

argh, still awake.

angry. confused. angry. At least the person who has confused me, I think I know how to handle, and that's prolly a good thing. The person who's made me see red? well, I haven't known what to do with that person for a very, very long time.

I'm tired because the bronchitis from Hell is not letting up (yeah, the flu bug that's being passed around Redding at the moment leads to happy fun bronchitis from hell), I'm hovering right on the edge of burntoutness, and I'll need to do something about that before I snap, and my friendly neighborhood depression is lurking at the cracks because of the two above things, plus some remnants of february.

One of these days I need to rant about the phrase "if you would just think happy thoughts, you wouldn't be depressed" and the mindset of "looking out for number one" a bit, because both topics are eating at me. But not now.

Christ on a freaking pogostick, though, there are some things one just doesn't *do*.

And that's all I want to say on that subject for the moment.
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*still* awake

Can't shut my mind off long enough to fall asleep.

At least reading is restful, so even if I'm not sleeping, I'm resting, and that's nice.

Third time's a charm.

I've *really* got to do something about this phase messup.

-kat (dead and tired and prolly both)
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comfy chair...

i was lying down asleep, sorta, how did I get into my desk chair?

why is my body insisting I fall asleep in the desk chair?
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the digits on my alarm clock are blurring from my tears. And I have no idea why I'm crying

i really need to go to bed. g'night LJ world, and sorry to my friends for spamming their friends pages tonight.
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and my shoelace breaks. what a perfect start to the morning.

i'll post more when I get a chance, but I'm thinking...
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