March 31st, 2002



o/~ tinky winky love... o/~

Yeah, this group is pretty cool. Especially the song "Satan is a Baby (That Lives in the Sun)". it's about the teletubbies, but it's cool...

thanks to tanesmuti for the pointer.
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there are some seriously weirdass people in this town...

from ICQ logs tonight...

[03:02] 145963859: oh i was looking for a friendship and a favor
[03:02] katster: what's the favour?
[03:03] 145963859: id like someone to do my makeup for me tonite
[03:03] katster: trust me, you don't want me doing that...
[03:04] 145963859: why is that?
[03:04] katster: total complete and absolute klutz.
[03:05] 145963859: still better than me please would you atleast do my eyes and lips?
[03:05] katster: no.
[03:06] 145963859: why not?
[03:06] katster: I told you why not.
[03:07] 145963859: it doesnt have to be perfect im a man its for another man and besides its only gonna come off during sex anyways i just want to look as much like a girl as possible when he comes over
[03:08] katster: I'm sorry, I can't.
[03:09] 145963859: just as one favor ill pay you
[03:10] katster: no.
[03:10] 145963859: will you sell me a pair of your panties for 1 hundred cash
[03:10] katster: no

seriously weirdass people in this town, and I'll be glad when I'm out of here.
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